«StartMining» industrial mining farms in Russia and Europe


StartMining is a project based on construction and launching of industrial mining farms in Russia and the European Union. We plan to put into operation up to 4,000 farms with a total capacity up to 680 Gh/s Ethash

ICO goals

Please, find below ICO goals and the results to be obtained when they are achieved.

Main goals


500 000$

150 mining farms

1M $

300 mining farms

5M $

2000 mining farms

10M $

4000 mining farms

Detailed description of goals

Goal 500 000$ 1 000 000$ 5 000 000$ 10 000 000$
Real estate 100 sq.m. 300 sq.m.
500 sq.m.
1000 sq.m.
Number of mining farms 150 300 2000 4000
Electricity MW 0,255 0,51 3,4 6,8
Minimum planned net profit for the first year 1 150 000$ 2 300 000$ 15 360 000$ 30 720 000$
To be distributed among investors as dividends for the first year 460 000$ 920 000$ 6 144 000$ 12 288 000$
Download Whitepaper122% per annum is the expected profit for investors. Click to download WhitePaper in pdf.


For investors who have invested their funds in the project at an early stage, we offer a bonus program:


ICO in the first 24 hours

+25% of tokens.


ICO on 2-7 days

+15% of tokens.


ICO on 7-14 days

+10% of tokens.


ICO on 15-30 days

+5% of tokens.


Part of the tokens will be distributed to the Bounty program:

Bitcointalk subscription campaign

Bitcointalk translation campaign


Twitter Followers

Branches support of StartMining

Exclusive and other support

Investment attractiveness of the project


As part of ICO StartMining plans to attract investments in the amount of $500,000 to $10,000,000. The main sources of project’s income are mining and provision of mining facilities as rental. Most of the received funds are invested in equipment and real estate. The remaining funds are directed to cover operating expenses (personnel, insurance, security, legal support, etc.).


40% of the company's net profit is distributed annually among investors in the form of dividends. According to our forecasts, the amount of dividends paid to investors will exceed the initial investment amount within the first year and a half. This indicates a high level of project’s profitability, and at the same time the expected profit for our investors is calculated to be 122% per annum.

Mining market

The mining market is growing very fast just as the capacities of industrial mining farms. Investors who invested their monetary funds in mining in 2013 have now received a return of more than 500%. This figure exceeds 100% per year. Cryptocurrency mining becomes more and more complicated every day. For example, Bitcoin mining in home conditions is no longer profitable. It has been replaced by Ethereum. However, the complexity of Ethereum mining is continuously growing. It may soon happen that home mining will cease to be profitable at all. Large industrial farms will be the ones to remain, and the crypto-currency mining market will turn into a kind of monopoly. Herewith, any kind of fossil whose extraction is limited will become more valuable. For example, oil, gas, gold and etc. Therefore, by investing in industrial mining now, you become a kind of closed club member in the future. Naturally, the current situation will also affect the token value in the future. Of course, it will only grow from now on.Now you have an opportunity to invest your money at the initial stage of the industrial farm’s launch. The threshold of entering into this market is quite small at the moment. It can significantly increase in a few years. And, whereas the complexity of mining of crypto-currency is continuously growing, this will contribute to the growth of your investments.

Token and all about it

Token: STMG (StartMining)

What is StartMining token? StartMining token, or a share in the StartMining project, represents the right to participate in the distribution of the company's profits. All tokens holders are entitled to receive dividends in accordance with their shares. 40% of the company's profit will be distributed among all the sold tokens based on the ICO results.
Payment procedure 40% of the company's net profit will be distributed among token holders at the end of each financial year.
Limited number of tokens 93% of tokens are issued for the implementation of ICO goals, 2% - for the Bounty program and bonuses, 5% - Escrow
Regulation All unrealized tokens will be burned
Initial token rate 1$
Terms of ICO 18.09.2017 — 17.10.2017 (30 calendar days)
Financial goals 500 000$ — 10 000 000$
Implementation platform Ethereum smart-contract (ERC20)

Stages of development


First Stage

The first phase of the project is the purchasing of the premises, setting up an equipment and running the mining farms. Filling up the facilities on 100% may be arranged immediately or within six months from launch date. It will mainly depend on the amount of raised investments.

Selection and purchase of a real estate (0-1 month)
Purchase of equipment (1 - 2.5 months)
Repair in the building (1-2.5 months)
Laying of communications (1-2.5 months)
Legal registration (0-1 month)
Installation of equipment (2.5-3.5 months)
Final launching activities (3-4 months)

Second Stage

As soon as first phase will be completed, we will begin providing facilities for rent. Rent can be carried out in exchange for tokens. For investors, the price will be lower than the retail one.


Third Stage

After providing the capacities as rental to the project investors during the third stage of its development, renting will be also available for all customers.


Fourth Stage

The fourth stage of the project development involves reinvestment of funds and increase in the number of sites and farms.


Nikita Kholodkov

Project Management

Facebook & Linkedin

Elena Krykun

Financing and law


Alexey Besarab

Marketing and PR


Bogdan Leonchik

IT developer


Sergei Zlotar

IT developer


Alexandr Radchuk

IT developer


Graham Mitchell


Facebook & Linkedin

Georgii Erman


Facebook & Linkedin


Graham Mitchell


Graham is a British lawyer and strategy consultant with experience in the investment banking and high-tech sectors. He works as an external consultant for PwC and is currently the CEO of the strategy and innovation consultancy Consultivate. He obtained his Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) from the University of Melbourne and a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from INSEAD. Hobby is professional photography.

Graham Mitchell - Managing Partner Transactsafe (UK)

Georgii Erman


Georgii Erman is an independent consultant, a blockchain evangelist, an experienced sales and marketing specialist. Specialization in the sphere of project management, web and international marketing.

Georgii is an active crypto-currency entrepreneur with extensive work experience in the market of blockchain technologies. He has worked with more than hundred companies as a marketing strategy consultant.

Escrow is the guarantor of your funds safety. We will not be able to spend a single investor’s dollar without the consent of the Escrow expert. This makes your investments as secure as possible and our activity as transparent as possible. At the same time, the Escrow expert can not spend money without our consent.


Answers to common questions

How much can I earn?

All STMG token holders receive dividends in the amount of 40% of the company’s net profit once a year. According to our calculations based on an optimistic forecast, the amount of dividends will be up to 122% of the invested funds during the first year of operations. You can also sell tokens on the exchange market or exchange them for mining capacities at a discounted rate. The first investors will be provided with additional bonuses to the number of tokens, this allows you to earn almost immediately.

Why is the profit so big?

Part of the net profit we will constantly reinvest in the increase in production capacity, we provide 40% of the capacities as rental, use the most advanced equipment and technologies, carefully monitor all business processes and the economy of the project. Unlike similar projects, we provide with one of the biggest profit percentages to our investors. Due to all of these factors, you can count on the highest income.

Why should I trust you?

Our activity is transparent to a maximum extent and we use the services of an Escrow agent to raise funds. The Escrow agent monitors thoroughly the investors’ funds spending. You don't have to worry about the safety of funds. More than 90% of the raised funds are invested in equipment and real estate, this allows to maintain a high liquidity and reliability of investments. In the documentation section of the website you can familiarize yourself with already concluded contracts and commercial offers.

How to buy tokens?

To implement the tokens we use a smart contract on the Ethereum platform. After the start of ICO (Initial Coin Offering) you can buy tokens by using your personal account on the website or directly by sending Ethereum to a smart contract, the address of which will be available after the start. You can always contact our support service for assistance in buying tokens process. The smart contract code will be available on GitHub.

What happens when I switch Ethereum to PoS?

About 60% of the capacities accounts for Ethereum mining in our business model. In this case, we will switch to the mining of alternative coins the amount of which is sufficient, for example, Ethereum Classic.

The complexity of mining increases, the exchange rate falls, how will you keep getting your income?

Each month we will increase the capacity of sites by reinvesting a part of the profits into the purchase of new equipment. To mitigate the risks associated with the exchange rate, we provide a part of our capacities for leasing.

How experienced is your team?

To implement all the stages of work we involve real professionals. We have a sufficient experience in the field of mining starting from 3 years. We involve either large international companies with huge work experience or first-class specialists to complete the tasks. In the documentation section on the website you can look through the current concluded contracts and commercial offers in all areas of our work.

What are your advantages and differences from competitors?

We try to make a product unique in its kind. Our investors receive 40% of all profits, which exceeds similar indicators of similar projects in average. We have one of the fastest start-up times - we planned all the processes in such a way that the project will be implemented within 4 months after the start. We use a unique business model and therefore mitigate a large number of possible risks. All this makes your investments safe and highly profitable.

Are there separate conditions for large-scale investors?

We are always open to dialogue. Contact us at hello@startmining.com and we will reply you within a few hours.

How to become your partner?

We are always open to dialogue. Contact us at hello@startmining.com and we will reply you within a few hours.

Documents and materials



Commercial offers


Escrow Agreement


GitHub smart-contract



Don’t miss the start of investment period and an opportunity to earn up to 122% per annum* on the crypto-currency mining

* Estimated profitability for investors Download Whitepaper122% per annum is the expected profit for investors. Click to download WhitePaper in pdf.